A downloadable game

A simulation game in which you will be able to create and paint your very own fence!

And, as in real life, you will have to wait for it to dry before leaving!

For your own joy, the available total of colors for painting your fence are:


There could be more in the future, who knows?

So, brace yourself, cause it may take a couple... hours for it to dry completely.

But worry not! It will worth your while... I suppose.

Nothing pays more than a well done work, that's why the game is for free!

Enjoy the game as you wish and, please, tell me if you had the patience to wait for the fence to dry before giving up on it. It's important to me... since I will be back with another Watch Paint Dry in the future! 

"It will be a hit." - Martin Marques, 2020

The Entire Game by @m3ny0


WatchPaintDry -FenceEdition- Version 1.0 35 MB

Install instructions

To play you just need to:

- Unzip that file into a folder 

- Double click on: Watch Paint Dry.exe

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